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Full Speed Training Plans

Training plans for real people


Get started on a path to your next goal by downloading a tested and proven Full Speed training plan.  From Distances for 5K to Marathons and beyond each plan has a beginner and advanced version depending on you experience and goals.

Each plan below is written intentionally to be achievable by anyone regardless of how fast you run or what your goals are.  I understand that most runners do not do so professionally and therefore have to balance training with work, family, friends, and everything else that comes up over the course of a normal training cycle.  

While writing these plans I start with my 15+ years of experience running these various distances across different phases of my life from college to working a 50+ hour a week job, to adding a family on top of that.  I then layered on top of that the latest coaching and running science that makes up the Full Speed Method to ensure that maximum benefit with the minimum required input.  If you want to read more about the theory and methodology behind the Full Speed Method check out this blog post.  

If you have any questions about the plans listed below or need help customizing any of them, feel free to reach out at

Beginner Plans

Beginner plans are great for any one just starting out as a runner, looking to run a certain distance for the first time or for someone not as focused on their time as they are just finishing injury free.


5K Beginner

Full Speed classic 5K plan to get you across the finish line.


10K Beginner

Full Speed classic 10K to help you build the needed distance to go 6.2 miles


Half-Marathon Beginner

A focused plan without any extras focused on finishing the distance.


Marathon Beginner

A focused plan without any extras focused on finishing the distance.

Full Speed Advanced Plans

Advanced plans are targeted at experienced runners who have run their chosen distance before and are now looking to improve upon past performance.  These plans ramp up total milage, running days, and add various types of speed and running strength workouts.

5K - A.png

5K Advanced

A more aggressive 5K plan packed with strength and interval workouts

10K - A.png

10K Advanced

For the experienced 10K racer this plan focuses on building speed over distance.

HALF - A.png

Half-Marathon Advanced

This Half plan will gradually layer in speed work as you build distance.


Marathon Advanced

Targeted toward someone with 2-3 marathons completed looking for speed.

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